Maize, Pigs, Plums and Tea – Linking Smallholder Farmers to Markets in Northwest Vietnam

Vietnam Maize Harvest 2One of the key recommendations emerging from a situational analysis conducted by Humidtropics in four provinces of Northwest Vietnam is to use existing success stories of marketing business models to replicate those within value chains for indigenous local foods targeting niche markets.

As a result, Humidtropics scientists from ILRI partnered with the Agriculture Economics and Value Chains Department of the Centre for Agrarian Systems Research and Development (CASRAD) to conduct a value chain assessment on four agricultural products: maize, pigs, plums and tea. This assessment provided crucial insights into functioning business models linking smallholder farmers to dynamic markets, and will help determine future Humidtropics Research for Development (R4D) interventions on policies, institutions and markets. Read the full story here.

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